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Governing Documents

The Association provides online access to all governing documents and critical project data as a convenience to the co-owner. This information provides detailed guidance regarding co-owner ownership rights to their individual unit as well as the right to share the common elements of the condominium with other co-owners.

However, the co-owner should also possess the original documents and keep them in a safe place. Pass these documents on to the new co-owner when you sell your home.

These are the documents that govern the operation of the condominium. 

IMPORTANT: In the event of a conflict between state law and any document, state law shall govern. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of any one or more Condominium Documents, the listed order of priority shall prevail, and the provisions of the document having the highest priority shall govern. Always review the first amendment to the Condominium and Association By-Laws before deciding which provision prevails.

File size of some of these documents varies so give them a little time to load.

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