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Association Property Manager

Role of the Community Association Manager:

Implement the decisions of the Board of Directors; be responsible to administer the services, programs and operations of the community association within the policies and guidelines set by the Board. Manage, with best effort, the usual and ordinary duties as directed by the board to assure the continuing operation and maintenance of the condominium association in compliance with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations. Additionally, as a professional property manager, provide information, training and often leadership to an inexperienced board as it sets policies and makes decisions.

Property maintenance

  • On site visits and quarterly; walking of the grounds, weather permitting.
  • Receive maintenance requests and follow through to their satisfaction.
  • Oversee, obtain and negotiate bids for sub-contracted work to be performed for the Association, presenting two cost estimates on non-recurring contracted services over amount set by the board of directors.
  • Provide information and implement a preventive maintenance program to avoid unnecessary capital expenditures. Guidance on maintenance reserve studies.
  • Maintain an accessible phone line for after-hour emergencies. Additional charges possible for non-emergency pages between 7:00 pm - 7:00 am.

Administrative services

  • Maintain and store records and files of the Association in an organized fashion for the previous and current year.
  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, the Association's annual owners' meeting and special meetings, not to exceed 15 scheduled meeting per calendar year.
  • Mail or assist Board Secretary in preparing required notices of meetings to directors or owners in compliance with the Association by-laws. Assist with co-owner mailings, three per year.
  • Assist the Association in the enforcement of rules, regulations and by-laws by notifying and informing owners through telephone and written violation letters.
  • Receive proxy ballots for the annual meeting and submit them to the Secretary for review.

General Support

  • Annually review Association insurance requirements and obtain insurance quotes.
  • Process all insurance claims made on behalf of the Association.
  • Participate with the Association attorneys or accountants, when needed, to handle business matters of the Association. Includes yearly audit information and general information available.

Fiscal Services

  • Perform all routine monthly bookkeeping functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations. Monthly completion on or about the 15th of the month following
    the previous month. Coordinate with Board Treasurer.
  • Provide to the Board Treasurer monthly reports including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable. Provide monthly off-site back up to Board Treasurer.
  • Once a year provide and assist budget committee with operating budget information. File the State Resident Agent. Provide necessary information for preparation of the yearly tax filing.
  • Collection of Assessments; manager will send notice of delinquency no more than three times and assess monthly late fee charges.

Property Manager Duties
July 27, 2015

The following describes the basic accounting principles employed by the Property Manager.
  • Accounting Program: 2003 QuickBooks Pro
  • Cash Basis
  • Annual Tax year: January Through December
  • Signatures: Controller, Treasurer and Property Manager. Required two signature) only checks under $ 500.00 can be signed with one signature.
  • No Saving withdrawal without two signatures.
  • Deposits are made no less than twice monthly. By the 15th and usually the 30th of the month for payments received after the 10th of the month. All owners' payments are posted against the owners monthly-computerized account invoice.
  • Bills received by the 10th are entered and processed for the Controller or Treasurer for review and signature. I meet with the Treasurer before the 15th of every month to give them hard copies of the previous months financials, which are then re-entered and kept on their computer.

Any bills which are received after the monthly review date are processed and given to the Controller or the Treasurer at the monthly board meeting for signature. We try and have as much information as received before the board meeting processed as possible. However, contractor bills come in at different times of the month and bills received by board members for reimbursement. Any bills not on the Monthly report reflect on the next months report.

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