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Exterior Building Standards

POM III Policy Letter B-1

June 1, 2010

The Association is committed to preserving, maintaining, and developing consistent appearance of our building exteriors. The Association, for the collective benefit of all Co-owners, will establish minimum standards for the maintenance and care of the exterior of all buildings. The following standards apply:

Holiday Lighting and Decorations:
Holiday decorations are limited to lighting, wreaths, and seasonal banners. Lights will not blink and will be the same color on each tree and/or shrub.

Flags and banners:
Only one banner or flag may be displayed at a time.

Display of signs of all types and purposes is restricted. Posting of "For Sale" signs are limited to a single location, adjacent to the "Welcome" sign near the Red Fox Run mailbox with the following exception.

1. The homeowner may elect to pay for a sign to be posted on the Welcome sign structure on Red Fox Run. This sign may list the street address and a telephone number only. To establish such a sign posting, contact the Property Manager.

2. Realtors or selling co-owners and developer may post temporary directional signs to "Open House" for previously owned condominium units. These signs will be posted only on days on which open houses are to be held and staffed. Signs may be placed two hours prior to the open house hours, and will be removed within one hour of the closing of such open house period.

3. A policy for "yard sales" has not yet been developed. Therefore, signs for such events will require prior Board approval.

Exterior wood cladding:
All buildings will be maintained in a consistent and uniform manner.

1. Prior to any cleaning or staining work, building exteriors will be inspected for damaged or cracked boards. Damaged or cracked boards will be replaced prior to cleaning/staining operations.

2. The entire exterior building surface will be cleaned prior to application of stain.

3. The exterior stain product to be used will be Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Sold as 15 Latex. Color: Dark Brown.

4. Exterior building stain will be applied via "brush on" or "mechanical spray". Stain will be applied to a thickness of 5 to 6 mils. In either application, full back brushing will be provided for all coated surfaces.

No gutters are to be installed without prior approval of the POM III Building Committee.

1. Maintenance will be performed at the Association's expense on an as needed basis. The individual condo unit owner will be responsible for notifying the Property Manager when gutters need cleaning.

2. Co-owners who desire gutter work must submit a request in writing to the Property Manager, explaining the need, and detailing the configuration for the gutter(s) requested. Special attention should be given to the drain configuration of the gutter work to prevent any soil erosion or landscaping damage. The Property Manager will present the request to the Building Committee for a recommendation to the Board.

3. The Association will incur the cost for the gutters and installation, only if it has been determined by the Building Committee that there is a major erosion situation and that the gutter system is the preferred way to solve the problem.

4. Gutter Specifications:

a. Entry side of Condo: 5" seamless copper rain gutter, 16 ounce copper with commercial wrap around hangers anchored with #10 screws, 2 feet on center. Down spouts are 16 ounce copper with a minimum of two straps, each anchored with #10 screws.

b. Other elevations: 5" seamless brown aluminum gutter, .032 inch thickness, with commercial hidden hangers anchored with #10 screws 2 feet on center. Down spouts are to be brown aluminum, .019 inch thickness, with a minimum of two straps, each anchored with #10 screws.

c. There is a Waterloov Butter Protection System gutter cover available for both specified gutters. Other gutter cover systems are available and may be used as long as they adhere to the policy specifications.

5. Additional Information: A recommended provider that uses specified material and installation method is Superior Seamless Rain Gutters, Inc. Mike Bopry, owner.

Although governing documents define decks as a limited common element, the association relieves co-owners of responsibility for maintenance of decks see Master Deed, Article V (B) (2), "Limited Common Elements", However, in an effort to maintain the appearance and structural soundness of and porches, the Association has assumed responsibility for maintenance including periodic cleaning and sealing of the wooden floors and railings, repair or replacement of damaged boards and loose fasteners, and other minor items.

The co-owner continues to be responsible for maintenance, repair or replacement that is required due to the act or neglect of that co-owner or his agent, guest, invitee, family member or pet. The Master Deed will be amended at the appropriate time to reflect these changes.

1. Routine Maintenance & Inspection; Inspection and maintenance will be done on a rotating basis, with each unit to be scheduled once every two years. The schedule may be adjusted as conditions and experience warrant. If repairs are required at times other than the Association's periodic schedule, a co-owner should file a maintenance request with the Property Manager. Repairs will be prioritized and scheduled according to importance. These may include:

a. Cleaning and sealing of the deck and porch floors and railings;

b. Replacement or tightening of loose fasteners

c. Sanding, replacement, or other action required to correct loose, warped, or twisted boards.

2. Replacement With proper care and maintenance, decks and porches are expected to last indefinitely. However, if replacement becomes necessary from factors not the fault of the co-owner, the Association will replace the deck using standard materials and labor practices. Any upgrades, such as non-standard woods or fasteners, special installation patterns, or non-wood building materials (composites, plastics, etc.), will require explicit prior approval of the Buildings Committee and the Board of Directors. All costs associated with the installation, maintenance, or future repair of the upgrades will be the responsibility of the co-owner.

3. A Special Use agreement will document the upgrades and co-owner responsibilities and will apply to subsequent owners of the unit. No credit or refund will be applied to a co-owner's Association fees as a result of lower maintenance expenses resulting from upgrades,

Garage Doors:
The cost of maintaining garage doors and associated hardware (except openers) is the responsibility of the association. See Master Deed, Article V.C. (3), "Common Elements"

However, if maintenance, repair or replacement is due to the act or neglect of a co-owner or his agent, guest, invitee, family member or pet the co-owners is responsible for all costs. B-1, Pg 4 of 4

The Association will assess any damage to garage doors and will arrange for repairs, replacement, and repainting of the damaged garage doors as necessary. To ensure the equitable and fair assignment of expenses, the following procedures will be followed:

1. Damage to a garage door should be reported to the Property Manager in writing as soon as it occurs or is discovered. This includes damage that affects the framing, surface, or finish of the door. The Property Manager, together with the affected co-owner and a member or designate of the Building Committee, will examine the damage and prepare a report with a description of the damage and the cause, if known.

2. If the cause of the damage is easily determined, through eye-witness reports or otherwise, and all parties agree, responsibility for the expense of repair will be assigned accordingly.

3. If the cause of the damage is not easily determined or is disputed among the parties, the Property Manager will obtain the services of a professional, who will analyze the damage and provide a written report to the Property Manager. The report will include identification of the cause of the damage and the professional's comments as to the probability of that cause compared with other possible causes. The assignment of expenses will then be made in accordance with the professional's report.

4. As part of the repair process, if any replacement garage door panels or trim are not the same color as the rest of the garage door, they must be repainted to match.

5. A co-owner who has been determined to be responsible for these expenses may appeal the determination to the Board of Directors, whose decision will be binding.

6. Any work to be done by outside contractors must be authorized in advance by the Property Manager. The Property Manager must also inspect and approve the work upon completion, prior to payment of the contractor's invoice.

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