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Irrigation Systems

POM III Policy Letter G-2

 August 19, 2008

Irrigation systems will be maintained and serviced in accordance with standards established
by the Grand Traverse County Department of Public Works.

Port of Old Mission III is responsible for the irrigation system and all parts within including the water meter. The Board of Directors approves funding for maintenance and servicing of the irrigation system in its annual budget. Scheduling the servicing of irrigation systems is the responsibility of the property manager.


a. Irrigation systems: The property manager schedules winter deactivation and spring
activation of irrigation systems after consultation with the grounds maintenance contractor and the Grand Traverse County Department of Public Works (DPW). Draining the water meters and back flow preventers is part of the deactivation process. In order to prevent damage to the irrigation water meters and back flow preventers, the irrigation system contractor is usually the best source for instructions on winterizing and activating irrigation systems.

b. Billing and Timing: The DPW must be notified for the water turn on or off and to start or stop billing. Timing varies seasonally, due to the weather temperature and precipitation. Grand Traverse County uses April 15 and October 15 as the activation and deactivation of the fire hydrants serving the county water supply. Any use of a fire hydrant before April 15 or after October requires the draining of the hydrant. If colder weather exists, after or before these dates the county also requires the draining of the hydrants.

c. The DPW turns the water on or off to the irrigation system when the property manager requests this service. This is not done through the meter but with the curb stop box or valve. In Port of Old Mission, there are two set-ups where the water cannot be turned off as doing so would turn off water to Red Fox Run addresses 6233, 6235, 6241, 6243 and Mission Ridge addresses 6784 and 6786.

d. DPW contact: 361 E. Welch Ct., Traverse City, MI 29686, Ph: 922-4896, Fx:922-2068; E-Mail: dpwshop@co.grand-traverse.mi.us

The attachment lists POM III accounts with the DPW.


Atch 1: DPW Accounts. Click to enlarge or print:


Irrigation Boxes

Suggest each time the system is worked on, somebody document the changes made and notify the Grounds Committee Chair. 


Below is a current listing of the 5 irrigation control boxes within all of Phase III:


BOX #1  (Located in the Utility Box Between 6452 & 6254)

Zone             1      6296, 6298                    

                    2      6233, 6235

                    3      6252, 6254 (rear)

                    4      6252, 6254 (front)

                    5      6270, 6284, 6286

                    6      6241, 6243

                    7      6454, 6264 
                    8      6221 (front/mist/drip) (rear 6221 drip near condo) don't know about front or side


BOX #2        End of Garages by Dumpster    



                    4      240, 242, 254, 256 (drip), 6147, 6149, 6151 (front drip) 

                    5      6147, 6149, 6151 (front mist)

                    6      6147, 6149, 6151 (front drip)

                    7      6147 , 6149, 6151 (Rear Rot)


BOX #3                 End of Garages by Dumpster


Zones           1      6173, 6175, 6179 (Front Mist)

                    2      6173, 6175, 6179 (Rear Rot)

                    3      6191, 6193 (Rear Rot)

                    4      6191, 6193 (Front Mist)

                    5      6215, 6217, 6219, 6221 (Rear Rot) & 6193 (front Mist)

                    6      6215, 6217, 6219 (Front Rot/Mist) , 6221  front on Box # 1 Zone - mist & drip) 

                    7      6198, 6200, 6202, 6204 (Rear Rot)

                    8      6198, 6200, 6202, 6204 (Front Mist)

                    9      240, 242, 254, 256 ( All Building irrigation, including Erickson Office, 
                            except Drippers)


BOX #4        Side of Single Garage (Hoogerhyde) 

Zone            1      6064 (Front)

                    2      6062 (Front & Side)

                    3      6062 (Drip)


BOX #5                 Left of Lutz's (up the hill a ways)       263 (Front Rot)
                            Note: as additional units are completed this box will need further updates

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