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POM III Policy Letter P-3


June 1, 2008



Enhancing communications between POM III residents is an essential responsibility of the Board of Directors and the Property Manager. Some POM III residents may be absent from their homes for extended periods; as a result, methods of communication must be tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual co-owner. Use of electronic means such as telephone, e-mail and the POM III website [http://pom3.org ] are preferred over traditional means because they are less expensive, more personal, reliable and quicker.



The Board of Directors approves all official communication regarding operation and management of the association. The board delegates the details and methods of official communications to the following:

Property Manager: The Property Manager has wide latitude in communicating with co- owners, contractors and other entities.

Newsletter Editor: From time to time, the Newsletter editor prepares and distributes a newsletter regarding operations, policies and events in the POM III Community. The

content of the newsletter is normally collected from members of the board and community at large. Editing and distribution details are delegated to the newsletter editor.


Webmaster: The POM III website < http://pom3.org > is an official organ of the association. The Board approves major changes in content of the website; however, management of the site is delegated to the webmaster. The Property Manager, acting as agent for the board of directors, approves all commercial uses of the website such as listing of homes for sale, sale of personal items, or other marketing and advertising.


Note: This list is not all inclusive and may be modified by the Board from time to time.

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