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Rules and Regulations Violation Policy

POM III Policy Letter P-5

June 1, 2010

The violation of any of the provisions of the Condominium Documents including any rules and regulations shall be grounds for assessment by the Association. Co-owners are responsible for violations whether the occurrence is as a result of his personal actions or the actions of his family, guest, or tenants

Notice of Violation. Upon notification of violation the following procedures will be followed:

1. The Board of Directors will provide the responsible co-owner with a written notice describing the alleged offense. The notice will be sent by certified mail at the address as shown in the record maintained by the association. Failure to respond to the notice of violation constitutes a default.

2. The co-owner will have an opportunity to appear before the board to present or refute facts appropriate to the situation no less that 14 nor more than 45 days from the date of the violation notice.

3. Upon violation of any of the provisions of the Condominium Documents and after default of the offending co-owner or upon the decision of the board, by majority vote of a quorum present, the following fines shall be levied:

Fine Schedule

1. First Offense: No fine shall be imposed for the first offense, but the occurrence of the offense shall be noted by the Board of Directors in its Minutes.

2. Second offence: $ 50.00

3. Third Offence: $ 100.00

4. Subsequent Offences: $ 500.00 each offence

Fines levied against the co-owner by the Board of Directors are due and payable 30 days after the deposit of the notice of the Board decision in a U.S. Post Office box, first class postage prepaid, to the offending co-owner. Failure to pay the fine will subject the co-owner to all reasonable costs of collection including, without limitations, those described in Condominium By Laws Article V Section 7, "Collection of Assessments" mid/or Article XIII "Remedies For Default".

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