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Sign Policy

Temporary Change to "For Sale" Sign Policy P-2

August 14, 2009

On August 15, 2009, the Board of Directors approved a temporary change to the existing sign policy for a period not to exceed one year, to expire on or before August 14, 2010,

During calendar year 2009, POM III has seen an increase in the number of units for sale, and sale periods have lengthened. As a result, the approved sign board near the mail boxes may not be able to display all of the units for sale at any one time.


1. A single sign may be placed in front of the individual unit for sale. The sign will consist of a uniform two sided 18 x 24 inch "For Sale" sign in a white metal frame with blue and white printing and background. The sign text is limited to the words "Condo for Sale", the condo address, and a contact phone number. No Real Estate affiliate logo or name is allowed.

2. A directional arrow may also be placed at the end of the service drive. It must be in the approved format, similar to the color and type style of the "For Sale" sign, with only the words "Condo for Sale". Directional arrows will need to be removed during the winter months as needed to accommodate snow plowing.

3. Any owner wishing to obtain this type of sign (and arrow, if appropriate) must contact the Property Manager. All expenses for the printing and delivery of the sign(s) are to be paid by the individual owner directly to the supplier.

This Temporary Change to the Sign Policy expires August 14, 2010, unless cancelled earlier or extended by the Board.

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